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Y Bother?

"Human sex is determined by the X and Y chromosomes. A female has 2 X-Chromosomes and a male has an X and a Y-Chromosome. When a child is conceived it gets one chromosome from its mother and one chromosome from its father. The chromosome from the mother will always be an X, but the chromosome from the father may be either X or Y. If the child gets the X she will be a girl, if the child gets the Y he will be a boy." Source: Blair DNA Project, Blair Genealogy

Guess which one I got? The good news is I can continue to blame my father for my life's failings seeing as he determined what sex I would be when I stumbled into this world naked.

Being female is something I began struggling with in my early thirties. Alarm bells went off that I had to start taking charge because lord knows my clock was ticking and there wasn't anyone forgetting to remind me. Society set the expectation that while it's "ok" for me to have a career, I really should be focusing on gett…