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Mac Attack

Not a Big Mac, a shiny silver one. I have the Pro, Scott has the iPhone....and now, I will have the iPad. As disgusting as the name is (c'mon Apple, I know we like to keep it simple but really) I totally want one. I'll just call it the iBook. Or the iNote. Or how about just mINE.

iBooks and Blog Writing. From the same device. Sold.

It is the answer to my quest for something "the size of a kindle that allows me to read books, write to my blog, check my email and easily carry". Yes, several Facebook status updates dedicated to this topic. I don't care that it's not a phone--I'd rather not have one quite frankly.

If I'm going to spend $300 for a Kindle, I'm sure as shit gonna spend another $300 to get the top of the line iPad. I have been dead set against an electronic book reading device, I found it insulting to the purity of the printed page. iPad changes this for me. I like the way the pages turn. Really, and just shut up ok.

So tonight I cleaned…

Nooooo Reservations

It's been a long time since the days of boy crushes. From my first love Corey Haim, to everyone loves Jordan Knight to 21 Jumpstreet (ok, and Blow, and every other movie made) Johnny Depp to...Anthony Bourdain. Yes, Tony. Bad or Good, doesn't matter.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here. Then watch. The show, No Reservations. In the opening credits, Tony introduces the concept by saying "I write, I travel, I eat". What, I mean WHAT, could be better than getting paid to do those three things? Really. This guy hit the fucking jackpot.

The show itself is so well done, it makes me want to go, it makes me want to write, and lord does it make me want to eat. And eat. The scenery is beautiful, the content interesting, and the show opens with an inappropriate content warning. It's R-rated education--two for the price of one. Not to mention the odd calm that washes over me as I partake in this boob tube gem--truly the only television show I commit to watc…

Just call me Bob.

Vila that is. The original home renovation TV show, ah the good old days.

We are in full swing of dressing up the lake house. It has come so far from the days of drunken squatters (also called friends and friends of friends) sleeping on the nasty gray carpet, and it just keeps getting better. Of course, there's always something else to take care of, fix, update, and so on but I suppose that's half the fun.

A lot has been done this past week. In major projects, Scott installed new wood plank ceilings in the third bedroom (previously referred to as the storage room) and what I now call the "Master Bath." The kitchen is still to be completed, but it is the biggest of the jobs and may require a little assistance. We all have our limitations, and would like to keep the chiropractor bills reasonable.

The "Master Bath" has been the bane of my existence since the house was purchased. After several failed attempts at getting the folks from Save My Bath to come save my …


I'm flying solo man, no dog. They are working on the ceiling project at the lake, while I stayed behind to pack. I enjoy my alone time. Time to decompress, be with myself--and yes, you can "be" with yourself (get your mind outta the gutter)--watch what I want, eat what I want, whatever my heart desires. I like hanging out with myself. It's called space and it's healthy. In fact, I think I prefer it.

Tonight, however, I'm feeling a little different. Packing. I hate it. Not the physical act of it, but the idea of putting all the things I have carefully and painstakingly selected to surround myself with over the years that represent my family, my friends, my a box. A dark cold lonely place for who knows how long this time around.

Ever since the first time I moved, and maybe because of the first time I moved, I have disliked this process, no matter how much promise the next residence or city offers. I was 7 or 8 and I was leaving my family …

False Advertising

I have been meaning to comment on this for some time--wtf? The "Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet"?

We really have reached the end of days. It's unbelievable that their legal department didn't object to this marketing campaign, especially given the restrictions on how nutritional value is reported these days. And the obvious. IT'S TACO BELL!

What's not so unbelievable is that there is likely a longer line at that drive thru...of insanely obese people thinking Taco Bell is the answer to a bikini body.Only in America. I can see Europe laughing at us from a far. Then again, the French eat cake and stay skinny. Assholes.

Maybe Philip Morris should jump on this band wagon because lord knows cigarettes have kept people skinny for years. Just a suggestion.

It Never Ends

Coming off a particularly busy fourth quarter at work (and little to no time off over the holidays) I was looking forward to January slowing to a somewhat normal pace and getting my life back. Having the time to catch up with friends, get serious about buying a house, plan a vacation, eat dinner before know, the sweet stuff of life.

The first six days were awesome.

But of course, it's just not feasible for me to have any sort of down time to get my life in order.

The condo we're renting had to sell. Did I mention it's overpriced by almost $50K and someone still bought it? Never in 9 million years did we think it would sell. So now we're on a 30-day (make that 20) countdown to leave the premises.

Timelines are officially in place, although not on my schedule. We did intend to get serious about buying a home, but I don't want to be forced into one with 30 days to decide. Fortunately, we have a lake house. It has no ceilings right now, minor detail. Our plan is …

Snap Crackle Pop

I started seeing a chiropractor about three weeks ago. I've had incessent, ridiculous pain in my right shoulder blade (left if you're looking at me--more on that later) and neck for about three years now. You learn to live wth it, really, until one day you just can't stomach another muscle relaxer, can't afford another massage, and it's annoying.

Really. Fucking. Annoying. Like a little bug with a tiny hammer hanging out in your muscle tissue.

What has caused this irritating pain is a combination of things, but I'm willing to wager lugging a heavy computer bag around 900 airports a month and an accidental crash into a pole in the Coke parking lot  had more to do with it than other things like stress and scoliosis. Yes, I was that poor kid that bent over for the school nurse in elementary school and was told I had a problem. Fortunately, I never had to wear the brace. I paid my dues with headgear, I suppose.

Anyway, I had never been (say it isn't so!) to the…

Here we go...

Welcome 2010. Another decade gone, although this one seemed to go faster than any other in memory. I became an "adult" in the 2000's, and it's no secret that the older you get the faster life passes you by.

If you let it, that is. Like all of life, there were successes and disappointments these past ten years but no shortage of living. Let's see, I:

1) Got engaged, then didn't get married.
2) Moved to Atlanta.
3) Reigned in a ladies man.
4) Scaled several rungs of the Corporate ladder.
5) Adopted my first puppy.
6) Traveled to Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Bermuda, St. Martin, Galapagos, BVI, and most of the 50 continental United States.
7) Took up writing / blogging once again.
8) Learned to cook (and I'm damn good I might add).
9) Enjoyed new friends, old friends, new family, old family.
10) Found myself.

Not bad for a single decade.

While I make no specific resolutions, I go into this next decade with a very clear sense of self, and clear (alt…