Nooooo Reservations

It's been a long time since the days of boy crushes. From my first love Corey Haim, to everyone loves Jordan Knight to 21 Jumpstreet (ok, and Blow, and every other movie made) Johnny Depp to...Anthony Bourdain. Yes, Tony. Bad or Good, doesn't matter.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here. Then watch. The show, No Reservations. In the opening credits, Tony introduces the concept by saying "I write, I travel, I eat". What, I mean WHAT, could be better than getting paid to do those three things? Really. This guy hit the fucking jackpot.

The show itself is so well done, it makes me want to go, it makes me want to write, and lord does it make me want to eat. And eat. The scenery is beautiful, the content interesting, and the show opens with an inappropriate content warning. It's R-rated education--two for the price of one. Not to mention the odd calm that washes over me as I partake in this boob tube gem--truly the only television show I commit to watching. Really.

Ten o'clock on Monday night is the best hour of the week (and after two hours of the mind numbing Wings of Love crazies that I just can't help but watch when time permits, quality TV is much needed).

And after the shittiest day of the week (you know it is, even if you love your 9-5 gig), No Reservations and a bottle of Rombauer is exactly what I need. Now, to figure out how to get that job...or marry Tony.


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