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There is only so much bad TV a girl can watch. While I have appreciated becoming intimately familiar with Say Yes to the Dress, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Stacey and Clinton, all the guest chefs on Chopped and at least 15 different movies, I'm becoming bored and itchy for more action. Sadly, it took me a week to get here, but in my defense I have been sleeping 15-16 hours a day.

In keeping with the forcefully re-iterated advice of my doctor from my post-op appointment, I'm avoiding physical activity and stress. Which means no cleaning or work, the things that normally fill 90% of my time.

With the wedding just five days away, I turned to arts and crafts. It's my mental speed right now, and it requires me only to sit up. Despite feeling like the special needs child given protective scissors and an edible glue stick, I've made some pretty nifty items.

There's the programs for the ceremony, the wine cork place cards, the old wine bottles dressed up and turned table card holders, chair bows, and of course the place cards and table cards to go in these holders. I find it poetic that I'm using the empty wine bottles from our hutch -- a tribute to my former self. 

By Wednesday, I'm thinking I may accomplish decoupage and macrame -- and I don't even know what those words mean right now.

Here's hoping I don't look back on my wedding pictures and realize that my crafts aren't as fabulous as my med-head currently thinks them to be. If you happen to be a guest at my wedding, lie. Just lie to me.


  1. Knowing you, I'm not certain that I'll have to...but lie I will. jenn

  2. Won't need to lie. I am sure of that! Moe


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