Alternatives to Jail

You know your life sucks when your to do list (what, you don't have one?) has the word "ridiculous" in the heading. I have since added "entirely attainable" as a sub-head, but since I'm deceiving myself it's entirely transparent that it's bullshit.

What's funny, is it's not the 80% of my day that has me in a tizzy but the other 20%. I am BLESSED...really, seriously...with an amazing Client group that I and my equally amazing team support. They, collectively, are the only reason I get out of bed in the morning. Yes, I love them ALL that much. It's the rest, the crap on the fringe (or the "fuzz" as I described it to my equally angry and frustrated team member) that makes me want to slam through the glass windows of my third floor office. Not killing myself of course, but injuring to the point of required hospitalization. And guaranteed Lortab.

But I float on. Why? Because in general, it's not that awful. I just have an extremely low tolerance for stupidity. Couple that with arrogance and I will, without question, find a way to hurt you. I am working toward managing the limitations of others effectively, but outside of eliminating the offenders I have yet to find a better solution.

I am open to ideas. I prefer not to go to jail.


  1. "managing the limitations of other effectively"...doesnt that sound like a business book that would TOTALLY be on the best sellers list? its sequel (or follow up or whatever the hell you call a second book) could be something like "lower your expectations of others so you wont be disappointed" or the sister book: "there arent smart people. only average ones that out-shine the dumb ones".

  2. "Nothing is idiot-proof because idiots are so ingenius."

  3. Lack of effort plus ignorance should equal fired!

  4. I must say, I am impressed by the number of people with something to say about stupidity. Of course, my circle is nothing but brilliant people.

  5. oldest trick in the book. hit the laggards with a pillowcase full of oranges. no bruising = no evidence = no jail.


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