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Home Sweet Home Sick

I spent the holidays sick this year. First time for everything, and I'm proud to say I powered through it with minimal damage. Even managed a glass or two of wine because you can't not drink on Christmas.

However, given the upcoming move tomorrow, the timing could not have been more poor. I have been telling myself to suck it up and count my blessings, but it's really hard to do when wiping snot off the floor that has fallen from my nose as I mop 3200 square feet of pine flooring while sweating like a gorilla in heat.

In two days, I have cleaned this place top to bottom. And the first thought that crossed my mind when done a few minutes ago was holy shit it took two days to clean this place. Followed by where am I going to lay down, seeing as my furniture is in a box outside. What have I gotten us into?

Survey says: the joys of home ownership.

As I sit in a folding camping chair, waiting for Scott to return with the next load, I'm exhausted and elated. Those (what…


Last night, we went to grab a bite with a friend at the local sports bar, the CooCoo's Nest. The idea was to grab dinner, come home, maybe watch a movie with a bottle of wine. So I threw on a fleece, grabbed my sneaks, and off we went. 

Seems this place becomes Club Coo Coo on Saturday nights. Literally. The place to be in these parts. There was no way we could can't pay for better entertainment. 

You see, it's a different breed in these parts. I'm not talking about the people who moved to South Forsyth for the schools and large pretty houses. I'm talking about the offspring of the people who lived here before the retail mecca on exit 14 existed, and own significantly more land than they do square footage. Which in most cases is on wheels. 

The women. You have kittens and cougars, and not much in between. Dressed in clothes that were cool in Atlanta two seasons ago and two sizes smaller than necessary. All the right elements, just not the right mix. But th…

Amazing Feats

I did it. I learned how to add more hours to the day. In fact, I just invented the 27-hour day. You see, you start on the East Coast -- anywhere, say NYC or ATL -- with the objective of getting to the West Coast -- again, anywhere, say LA, SF or even Seattle. Yes, the ATL to Seattle route is probably best...that or Boston to LA.

But don't fly direct. Be sure to stop somewhere in the Central time zone, then go on to Mountain, and end in Pacific. Ensure the plane has wifi, an hour layover between each flight (for phone calls naturally) and voila! You are a super-human get shit done, taking names and checking boxes machine.

Something to aim go get 'em tiger!

P.S. Whatever you do, do NOT forget the Xanax.