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Moonlight Madness

I had the pleasure of experiencing someone else's mid-life crisis this weekend, albeit from a distance. I will call this man "Captain", as he was in fact the Captain of his own enviable pleasure yacht. Huge, outriggers, the whole nine, probably a million dollar boat. He was a classic, almost-too-cliche-example of what happens to a man striving to reclaim youth post-divorce, and my entertainment for the evening.

This happened on our very first boat tie-up but there was nothing virginal about it. Captain's boat happened to be in our chain, as a friend of friends we were hanging out with at the Full Moon party on the water.

The first thing I noticed was the cheesy purple cabin lighting, required of course for Disco Yacht. Complete with 18-22 (barely) year-old girls of the easy variety. Naturally, the men we were with spoke of abandoning our ship for theirs (men really aren't selective, admit it). Yea honey, you go over there and bring me back some gonorrhea.

In a…

It's Done

I did it. I bought an iPad. My motivation was likely more the constant turmoil of the decision than the device itself, and I finally said "what the hell". Of course I have intense buyers remorse about the whole thing--do I really need it, why did I do that, that was irresponsible, and so on.

Maybe I'll stop punishing myself the first time I go to iBooks and immediately have something new to read. Or the first time we travel and I only take it...the tiny little shiny device.

So that's done. Now onto a house.

Shamefully Confessing

I am 100% into watching the Bachelorette. I spend Sunday nights watching True Blood, which is of course the smartest, sexiest, evilest, funniest show on television without a doubt. By Monday, I am so over stimulated and Scott can't take any more so I stupify myself for two hours with Ali (enter California pretty but really fucking boring blond girl) and her mens. It's the mens that provide the entertainment.

From the Weather Man, who sadly (I can't remember his name) they sent home after he got really funny in episodes two and three, to Justin the "entertainment wrestler" who makes me want to vomit everytime I see his face, to Roberto, the obviously hot and purposely placed latin lover that Ali just "digs". And then there's Kasey. Poor guy. For the rest of his life he will be known as the pathetic tattoo guy. Let's not forget Frank...he's is my favorite. Kinda reminds me of my creative director in a distant way, which is probably why I like…

Fancy Talkin'

I like language...words, phrases, double entendre, metaphors, similies and so on. I use all sizes and shapes of words, but always try to ensure they are warranted and purposeful. So I am fond of eloquence and descriptive terms to explain things, people and feelings.

Today, I ran out to grab a quick bite. I found some scrumptious-looking pimento cheese (back on the Southern food diet again), and needed a high quality carb on which to slather it. I wandered over to the bakery counter and found some multi-grain baguettes that, in my mind, minimized the guilt of the absurd calories in the cheese.

I asked the girl for two of the "mini multi-grain baguettes" and pointed in that general direction of the case. She grabbed the wrong ones, and after much awkward direction from me (not that one, no, the ones next to it), she finally landed on the bread I wanted.

"Those, ma'am, are called brioche, not baguettes" she said in a not-too-friendly tone. I may not know my bre…


I've been in the Northeastern part of the country for two weeks, and in addition to the many comforts of home I have had the pleasure of enjoying once again, there is one that as a child I was not privy to but have come to love. Bring your own bottle (or beer)!

Most of the restaurants in the PA/NJ area are BYOB, and I assure you, I am bringing my own. Every time. Quite possibly the greatest concept. Yes, the food is a little pricier, but I am still spending less than I do in similar ATL restaurants where I pay $11 for a glass of (highly average) wine.

I've also gained about six pounds because pasta is on every menu (I'm sure there's even Mexican pasta). And because I just can't say no to a chicken philly or real pizza (and yes, you can bring booze to those little joints too). Another name for New Jersey is Fat.

I'm not sure if it's Bring Your Own Bottle or Bloat Your Own Belly. Either way, it rocks(at least until beach time).

Just a few more days of food…

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm on vacation. Sort of. Work is a bit busy right now, so I am balancing relaxation with conference calls. Like today...bagels and a brisk walk at 8am, followed by an 11am conference call. Beach time from 1pm to 2:30, and back home just in time for yet another conference call. Much more bearable when taken after a few hours in the sun by the ocean.

The Jersey shore is where I'm spending time this week, working and relaxing. My Dad's beach house, which is just fantastic. Temp is about 74-78 degrees, sunshine and a nice cool breeze. The BEST beach weather.

Today, I had the chance to experience a few of my favorite things. REAL bagels. Perfect texture, lots of cream cheese and coffee only had north of the Mason Dixon line. The beach, without humidity and a cool breeze, and very few people...just the locals! And of course, an outdoor shower. I would shower outside every day if I had the means of building one at my current home.

These otherwise minor enjoyments mean the wor…