A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm on vacation. Sort of. Work is a bit busy right now, so I am balancing relaxation with conference calls. Like today...bagels and a brisk walk at 8am, followed by an 11am conference call. Beach time from 1pm to 2:30, and back home just in time for yet another conference call. Much more bearable when taken after a few hours in the sun by the ocean.

The Jersey shore is where I'm spending time this week, working and relaxing. My Dad's beach house, which is just fantastic. Temp is about 74-78 degrees, sunshine and a nice cool breeze. The BEST beach weather.

Today, I had the chance to experience a few of my favorite things. REAL bagels. Perfect texture, lots of cream cheese and coffee only had north of the Mason Dixon line. The beach, without humidity and a cool breeze, and very few people...just the locals! And of course, an outdoor shower. I would shower outside every day if I had the means of building one at my current home.

These otherwise minor enjoyments mean the world to me...and I am so excited to wake up tomorrow and have more...including Panzone's pizza.

Jersey Girl? Sure. But the classy kind. You can visit Snooki at Seaside Heights with the rest of the embarassing population.

Me, you'll find in LBI, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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