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My 15 Minutes

I have committed the cardinal sin of blogging. That is, not blogging. And I really don't have an excuse except for time. Time of which I have little and am extremely selfish with these days.

After I've created my gazillionth excel spreadsheet, responded to the last of too many to count pointless and misspelled emails -- whether they all be for work or the wedding -- the very last thing I want to do is concentrate, and certainly not with a computer in my lap.

I'd much rather yell at that silly Bachelorette Ashley with her totally boring boyfriends, all the while hoping and praying that "hope my hair looks alright" Bentley shows up for one last grossly insulting comment. Let the world hate him, he is my hero. Oh I hope that man is the next Bachelor (and not that desperate tankless water heater salesman from Corona Del Mar California -- someone put him out of his misery).

So now you know what I've been filling my free time with. That, and vulnerable hot vampire…