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Piece of Cake

Let's be real, I've been waiting a long time to marry my man. When I got engaged, I knew I wasn't going to wait much longer, and I had my sights set on October. Being seven months out, the collective response from most women in my life was shock, as in how is she planning to pull this off. Undeterred, it was going to happen.

Truth be told, it had more to do with the grand scheme of things. I don't age backwards. And I want a baby before I'm 36. Selfishly sometime in October 2012 so I can be on maternity leave Q4 and home safe when the world ends.

But when deciding to marry in one of the most popular wedding destinations in the South with only seven months to go, getting what you want is a long shot.

Then again, that's a rare scenario. I (eventually) always get what I want. No one ever plans to fail, they only fail to plan.

Admittedly, I was a little slow getting started. How hard could this be? One visit from the Wedding Nazi, as I fondly and with incredible ap…


A few nights ago I let the dog out before bed, and there it was: semen trees. You know what I'm talking about. Disgusting. But I promise this isn't about trees and what they might smell like.It's the fact that I went to bed in March and woke up in late May with 90 degree temperatures, the premier of the bachelorette and no logical explanation for how I got here.

There is little question this has been the busiest year of my life. Make no mistake, also one of the best, but right about now I'm considering outsourcing sleep. This, after coming back to work following my first-ever staycation, with not having to get up last Monday morning being the highlight. Seriously. And today I'm back in get shit done mode, which now includes re-embracing my hobbies and things that make me smile (that aren't wedding related). Like my blog.


Today, I found out my domain expired. Only after I was served several 503 errors and the onset of sheer panic that I had lost thre…