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Over it!

Really. I am SO sick of arrogance and inconsiderate people. I have no idea what makes them think they are so damn smart or above the rest of us. They are actually more transparent in their stupidity and insecurity than anything else. Just be real & honest for the love of God. Life is not about posturing and lying for sport.

I don't claim to be the smartest person in the world, but I can read people. I am very good at it--I should have been a psychologist, really. I can predict what my therapist will say 30 minutes before she does, or where she's going to steer the session (yes, even really in touch people sometimes need therapy). I seem to be able to help lots of people--work, marriage, etc---but not myself of course. I can also read liars like a large print book--you are better off telling me you are about to lie because I can be a real asshole once it happens. Thanks, Dad, for teaching me that valuable skill.

So I'm over it. Choosing battles has become too tiresome…

New Definitions of "Widespread"

Panic that is. Since when did 105 people worldwide become a Pandemic? How many people are in the world today? Hell, how many people are in my OFFICE building today. Exactly.

If you are lost, first, you are living under a rock, and second I'm talking about swine flu. I personally think the 24-hour news channels simply do not have enough worthy news to cover so instead they create fear and focus on things that deserve it not so much.

It's the flu people. Sleep, take some aspirin and drink lots of fluids.

If I am missing something, I invite you to educate me through comments.

Today is (not) the day.

I so thought I was winning the lottery. Mega millions. I had my speeches planned.
Buy your ticket at a convenience store in the middle of no where? Check. Wrestle your dog who stole it, because of COURSE the dog would chew up the winning ticket? Check. Horoscope telling you that today you may experience a "financial windfall"? Check.
And of course, a boyfriend who tells you that people who think they are going to win the lottery never do. Check. Mate.
I did however get my tax NOT a windfall.

Life at 30,000 Feet

I used to spend more time there, literally, than I did on the ground. I traveled every week, at least one day more often 2-3, for two years solid. I was an airport regular, and a pro at getting in and out of there with the utmost efficiency (ever notice this word disobeys the "i before e, except after c" rule).

Those days are behind me as of last October, and I am a saner, nicer and better woman for it. However, I did forget one of the minor joys--flying first class and drinking a (free) glass of wine (or 6).

Fortunately for me I still have my status, so when I do fly, such as today, I do it like a trophy wife heading to meet her cabana boy in Cabo. Which helped me remember how much better one glass of wine is at 30,000 feet--oooyyy!

You have no problems with a glass a wine and altitude on your side. Your every life's dream is suddenly attainable, and damn you look hot in the cramped airplane bathroom that smells that point in time (translation: overd…


I found paradise. And I would like to go. Now.

It is on the beautiful Caye (pronounced "key") of Ambergris in the country of Belize. Admittedly, I have been there before but I was poor and running away from something (even though I took it with me).

Circumstances aside, I loved the island, not to mention the day trips to the mainland. I found this resort, Victoria House and it is SUPERB. As well as available on the dates I wish to travel.

To go would be a bit more than I usually spend on vacations, but considering the hell on earth I lived through recently (but came out of a better person with an awesome therapist), I think I deserve it. The conservative side of me--the one that has to buy a car and a house this year--is telling me to take it easy. The adventure side of me says shut the front door. The schizophrenic person (that would be me) who writes that "other" blog is demanding I take the trip.

I think it's just what we need---boyfriend in name would LOVE …

In no particular order.


I want to be ____ when I grow up.

Rich. That's it. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does but TIME.

Time away from a job I don't need to travel the world. Time for finding myself and my true calling. Time so I can be selfish AND have children. Time to go back to school and learn everything all over again now that I know what I missed. Time to give back to the world everything it's given me. 

So yes, I wanna be rich when I grow up and in the meantime I'll be working to get there.

Women are the Best Wingmen

Last night I went out with one of my guy friends for dinner and drinks. We (obviously) have a platonic relationship but you would likely assume we were dating if you didn't know us.  Which is why I find it interesting that all night long the ladies were digging him.

What's up with that? Why do women consistently lust after men with other women? Is it the challenge of the situation, the need to demonstrate "I am the better mate"? Or do they think the guy must have something going for himself if he's hanging with a hottie? Add a wedding ring and it's good as done--I bet married men could get more women than an 18 year old underwear model (someone tell my boyfriend, maybe that's the push he needs). Does the ring demonstrate stability?

I think I answered my own question.

Beyond the attraction factor of a man hanging out with a woman, if you happen to be in the situation he and I were it's extremely advantageous for the guy. Because, you see, we women know…