I found paradise. And I would like to go. Now.

It is on the beautiful Caye (pronounced "key") of Ambergris in the country of Belize. Admittedly, I have been there before but I was poor and running away from something (even though I took it with me).

Circumstances aside, I loved the island, not to mention the day trips to the mainland. I found this resort, Victoria House and it is SUPERB. As well as available on the dates I wish to travel.

To go would be a bit more than I usually spend on vacations, but considering the hell on earth I lived through recently (but came out of a better person with an awesome therapist), I think I deserve it. The conservative side of me--the one that has to buy a car and a house this year--is telling me to take it easy. The adventure side of me says shut the front door. The schizophrenic person (that would be me) who writes that "other" blog is demanding I take the trip.

I think it's just what we need---boyfriend in name would LOVE it, admittedly more than he does me. But who couldn't fall deeply, maddeningly in love (again) with a woman who plans such a kick ass vacation? Who also happens to be better than average looking for 32, smart and only mildly insane.

Beyond the beach, caves and jungles we can also explore the Mayan ruins---and maybe get a clue as to what will really happen in 2012. It's coming you know...

Look at these pictures (love you Mac):

Hell, we might just stay. I hope they have wireless.


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