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Summer Reading

I've spent a lot of time reading lately, and thought I would share a few of the nuggets I have enjoyed just in time for the summer reading season. Whether you're an old fashion reader (e.g. real books) or a kindle-carrying modern reader, these books are available and good reads, depending on what you're looking for:

1) Apologize, Apologize: Enjoyable, highly entertaining read. It's the story of Collie and his priveledged yet insane upbringing (as in "truly gone fishing") that highlights the chaos money can bring, and themes of acceptance, love and forgiveness. It's one of those stories that makes you laugh out loud while evoking tears at the turn of the page. This is a neutral gender story, meaning mens and ladies will both enjoy.

2) Shanghai Girls: Story of two women and their journey from Shanghai to America. Fans of Lisa See (Peony in Love, Snowflower and the Secret Fan) will like this book, although I don't feel that it measured up to previous n…

The Price for Pretty Toes

Several weeks ago, I got a pedicure. I get them often, love me some pretty toes and fingers. At the time, I had a blister on my foot from a pair of gorgeous yet hideously painful open toe pumps I just had to wear while trapsing through airports these past few weeks. They were divine with the corporate uniform, giving me that little bit o' sexy needed to bring on the confidence (or arrogance, whatever).

Back to the pedicure. After soaking my piggies in the water, the skin around my blister starting coming off so they cut it (mistake #1) and then cauterized it (mistake #2, although I did not know it at the time) and continued with the polishing.

Flash-forward two weeks. The small burnt blister still on my toe does not seem to be healing. And what's that odd sensation of pain & numbness in my foot? Concern (and probably well-masked disgust) from my boyfriend led me to the decision of visiting Urgent Care this morning to check it out. Little dab of this, little plop of that,…


Funny thing about appreciation. It comes naturally to some people, others horribly oblivious to the gesture. Often times, people don't even know what they are taking for granted until POOF! -- it goes away.

Me, as evidence of my post last night, am one who tries very hard to be highly aware of the things and people around me I should appreciate. Sometmes it comes naturally and other times I have to work at it, but I understand that appreciation goes a long way for oneself and others.

I am someone who gives freely without expectation. I am the inspiration for the book "Women Who Give Too Much". I do it because I like it. I derive immense happiness from taking care of other people and things, often seeking purely my own satisfaction. However, this makes me an enabler to my own demise of being taken for granted.

Like most people, I have my limits. And though mine may be "outer" limits, so to speak, they are still there and recently I have become aware of them. …


Today didn't start with grand expectations. Just your usual, mundane, a few conference calls to make my head spin and a doctor's appointment. Let's see. High blood pressure, TMJ and reflux...did I mention I went to an ENT? These ailments were in addition to the reason for my visit. Crooked septum and, apparently, really tiny nasal passages I have been ever so blessed with in this life. Fun.

And then I got home. My boyfriend, while he may not yet be able to find it in his heart to commit, has definitely learned how to make me truly, genuinely happy short of putting a ring on my finger. He'd been smoking salmon since about 3pm. Yum, delicious. While I was settling in, checking late day email and changing out of my frumpy corporate uniform, he had an idea. For the record, he's full of them, but this one was so romantic (and frankly out of character) without even really trying.

He suggested dinner on the dock. Since we've been living on the lake, …


I'm actually in the Mac store trying out the iPad for blogging purposes. Will she or won't she? That is the question. Typing is actually quite easy, music more so than other things in my life right we shall see.

Blogger M.I.A. (but what if I had an iPad?)

You would think I forgot how to type seeing how long it's been since I last posted.

But alas, I've just been busy racking up airline miles, first class upgrades, and free cocktails. And attending client meetings of course. This week the travel comes to an end for a little while, and thankfully I am ending on a high note.

Mixed in with the business travel has been plenty of personal travel as well...a family vacation to Florida, a beach side baptism, and in a few weeks, graduation and a 90th birthday party.

So that of course left my weekends tied up, and needless to say blogging became a bottom priority. Which brings me to the question of the iPad. If I had one of those little suckers, I could have been blogging on airplanes, in the car, in airports...really anywhere. And I might not have consumed four books in under two weeks as I would balance the book reading with the blogging (I hate that I read books so fast).

I'm still up in the air. I keep weighing the pros and cons …

In Good Hands

Scott and I are blessed to have several little people in our lives. Not midgets, babies. The children of our siblings and close friends all seemed to arrive at the same time, lighting up our lives and helping us to amass significant knowledge of how to (and how to not) parent. And of course the foresight to immediately stop having sex.

These little ones represent a special kind of karma, and it's so wonderful to see the people we love the most manifest in these tiny humans. Mostly girls, with just two little boys in the whole lot of them. Spending time with them and watching them grow is a privilege we don't take lightly. I love these little ones so much it's hard to imagine I have enough room in my heart for my least right now.

One of the responsibilities as Godparents and good friends is babysitting and care giving, at which we have excelled. My day care training and Scott's refusal to grow up pair nicely to make us the perfect people to watch over these ba…