The Price for Pretty Toes

Several weeks ago, I got a pedicure. I get them often, love me some pretty toes and fingers. At the time, I had a blister on my foot from a pair of gorgeous yet hideously painful open toe pumps I just had to wear while trapsing through airports these past few weeks. They were divine with the corporate uniform, giving me that little bit o' sexy needed to bring on the confidence (or arrogance, whatever).

Back to the pedicure. After soaking my piggies in the water, the skin around my blister starting coming off so they cut it (mistake #1) and then cauterized it (mistake #2, although I did not know it at the time) and continued with the polishing.

Flash-forward two weeks. The small burnt blister still on my toe does not seem to be healing. And what's that odd sensation of pain & numbness in my foot? Concern (and probably well-masked disgust) from my boyfriend led me to the decision of visiting Urgent Care this morning to check it out. Little dab of this, little plop of that, a lecture about blisters and heels, open wounds and pedicures and I'm outta there.

Not so much. Let's try local anesthetic to the foot followed by minor outpatient surgery to digg out (vomit) the burnt blister and unearth the pussness underneath. Ick. Disgusting. Diagnosis? Infection under the skin unable to heal due to cauterization of the evil blister.

Seeing as I didn't plan on this, I had driven myself to the doctor. And seeing as it's the weekend and I usually bury my Blackberry, I had no phone. Have you ever tried driving with your left foot and your right heel? It can be done.

So, my now giant purple toe has put a little damper on my holiday weekend. But there's always a silver lining. My doc in a box has extremely liberal views of dosing pain killers -- that, or I have no idea what I'm in for once the anesthesia wears off -- and has cared for me with a generous supply of maximum strength Lortab. Let's hope it's the former.

Lesson learned this time? Vanity = Pain.

Unless you get Lortab.


  1. how bout lesson learned this time? Ho Chi Minh Nails does not = Isachar Zacharie


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