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Helloooo? Anybody out there.

I've been on vacation from blogging. Not an actual vacation, but since my man has commanded the full attention of my Mac, all I have is this horrible Dell that might as well be the Devil. Let's just summarize by saying I have ZERO desire to open it up and use it after 7pm.

But alas, I am on the road, left coasting, which would be cool if I had the energy to do more than order room service and watch a movie. Which is precisely what is on the agenda the evening (plus wine). But first, a little catching up with my passion.

All day every day I think of anecdotes, observations and other general crap to write about, but the act of actually opening up the computer and putting it on (digital) paper doesn't happen. During the day, it's called my job. At night, it's called the computer is associated with the job therefore we do not spend more time together. I need a little computer-notepad-jotty thing that I can quickly type out a post on and feel the release.

And it's…

Sister Courtney

Catholic, I am. Practicing, I am not. Until recently that is. My sister is pregnant, and naturally I am the godmother of my unborn niece. A requirement of this duty, beyond being an active part of the child's life and giving her lots of money for college, is that I obtain a letter from my parish stating that I am in fact a practicing Catholic.

Great. Admittedly I looked for loophole, a way to work around this. I found none. But it was more my guilty conscience (told you I was Catholic) preventing me from succeeding than anything else. So I did what I was supposed to--I went to church.

My boyfriend was kind enough to go with me, because, yes, I was afraid. Very afraid. When we arrived, I sat in the back of the church.  However, being the naturally curious and engaged man that he is, he wanted to sit up front - like 5 pews from the altar. "As long we're doing this, let's do it right" is what he said.

Right? I was doing it right, according to my family church practi…


Did you know we are in a recession? You wouldn't based on the level activity in shopping malls and restaurants, despite being all over the news. Why is that? Because for those it isn't directly affecting right now, there has been no change in habit, and the affected is a much smaller population for people like you me than the spared. Generalization, I know.

The point is, if you are one of those people who hasn't made some modification to your lifestyle, this girl recommends you do. The party is far from over, because we haven't even started losing our cookies in the bushes or hooking up with people we'll regret in the morning. No, I'm not a doomsday'er (is that even a word?) but I do believe in a little preparedness to make what could be rough times not so much.

I didn't take drastic measures. I just: started drinking $10 bottles of wine because there will always have to be a budget for this and I don't know the difference after two glasses anyway.