Helloooo? Anybody out there.

I've been on vacation from blogging. Not an actual vacation, but since my man has commanded the full attention of my Mac, all I have is this horrible Dell that might as well be the Devil. Let's just summarize by saying I have ZERO desire to open it up and use it after 7pm.

But alas, I am on the road, left coasting, which would be cool if I had the energy to do more than order room service and watch a movie. Which is precisely what is on the agenda the evening (plus wine). But first, a little catching up with my passion.

All day every day I think of anecdotes, observations and other general crap to write about, but the act of actually opening up the computer and putting it on (digital) paper doesn't happen. During the day, it's called my job. At night, it's called the computer is associated with the job therefore we do not spend more time together. I need a little computer-notepad-jotty thing that I can quickly type out a post on and feel the release.

And it's a shame these thoughts in my head don't make it out in the open, because I am a professional observationist and there is a whole lot out there to be observing. I've been living in the moment. Something I am slowly, painfully teaching myself to do. This is the alternative to planning every event of your future and then gulping spoonfuls of disappointment when it doesn't go the way you imagined.

When you live in the moment, you have much more appreciation for life in general, even the things that suck (if that's possible). "Easy going" is not a term frequently used to describe yours truly, I assure you, but I am trying it out and guess what? I love it.

Yes, my mind is still light years ahead of the present, but I've learned to tell it to shut up and focus on what's happening this minute. Life can be really entertaining if you stop, look and listen.

For example....yes, I had to get up early, sit on plane I was certain would crash for four hours and then work a full day once I landed. But, NOW, this moment, I am enjoying writing, and excited about watching a movie and blissfully passing out by myself for twelve glorious hours of slumber in my hotel room paid for by the company.

I am not thinking about the meeting that promises to be difficult tomorrow, or the long flight home...just the beauty of this evening's enjoyment.

And I'm happy. There's a lesson in here somewhere.


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