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Holy Oil

We spent the weekend at the lake, as is the norm during the summer months. The lake house is in Cumming, GA. Yes, I know.  

It's our place to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life.  In other words, I can wear jersey knit braless and eat hot dogs from the package and no one is going to think anything of it.

I have chronic neck and back pain--yet another consequence of the hateful job I had traveling the country with large heavy bags for two years. I was really in a lot of pain so this morning we called around to the local spas looking for an opening, not knowing much about them up here in the woods. After a call to a place where the phones were answered by an Asian woman offering appointments at 9 & 10pm (I am so not kidding), we finally found a neuromuscular therapist working out of a chiropractic office that could see us.

Perfect! Clinical massages tend to do me better than the light-handed swedish variety anyway.

We started the day lounging on the dock and on the floati…

Support My Cause

Please go here and vouch that I am the person who, indeed, writes this blog. It would make me warm and fuzzy to know that you support my semi-serious intentions to eventually publish something even if no one reads it. Thank you for your support, and I'm glad you find entertainment in my crossed wires.


I am quite surprised at how upset I am over the death of Michael Jackson. Celebrities die everyday. What makes this so different?

It kinda feels like a kick in the gut when you're down.

Despite the controversy in later years, he was and always will be the King of Pop to whom many of us pledged our allegiance years ago in our red leather jackets and glitter gloves.

Our country has not been in the best of places this year, and to lose an american cultural icon who defined an era and influenced so many seems unfathomable right now. Not that Ed and Farrah should be discounted, but Michael Jackson? 

Along with him goes a little piece of my childhood--dancing by myself and committing every song on the Thriller album to memory. God, I wanted to be that model in "The Way You Make Me Feel" video.  Discovering Off the Wall and the genius behind such an awesome talent. I don't know that there was ever an MJ song I didn't like.

In memory...

Gonna leave the nine to five up on the s…

The Less I Seek My Source

for some definitive, the closer I am to fine.

Recognize that? Indigo Girls, Closer to Fine. Loved this song in high school, thought I was cool for digging two lesbians, but never quite understood the lyrics, and they are profound my friend. How brilliant, yes! There is more than one answer to life's questions---stop seeking the definitive.

I am also a huge fan of "wrapping my fear around me like a blanket" and "sailing my ship of safety till I sank it". In other words. Go for it!

Right after I stop procrastinating doing my expenses (which is the whole reason I am writing this blog post)

Perspective 101

Friday, I almost died.

We were hit (hard) outside the toll booths of DFW airport (en route a family reunion I might add) by a woman not watching where she was going. We, being my boyfriend's immediate family, were in an 8 passenger van that an Acura TL managed to spin, thrice. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt, but there were moments of clarity during the actual collision when I thought otherwise. I got a bump on the head and the nose, unfortunately on the bump I already have on my nose that I despise, which is now bright red. I wanted to kiss and lick everyone family member as we got back in that van out of sheer relief for their living, breathing shocked faces. But they may have thought me overly strange and I'm not quite yet family.

Sunday, I fell in love with my boyfriend of 5 years.

I experienced an incredible and unprovoked deep love for my boyfriend while sitting in a recliner and watching True Blood (catch up on Season 1). He said nothing, did nothing. I just realize…

MAN-i Pedi

I got my nails did today...with my boyfriend. He enjoys a little foot rub just as much as me, maybe even more.  If you are a man, I highly recommend it because most of you can't reach your toes anyway. You will not regret it.

A Return to the Tangible

I am going to try like hell not to update my Facebook status all week. I've already publicly let you know about my love-hate relationship with Twitter, so you are probably thinking I'm a social media heathen at this point. Oh wait, you're reading my BLOG! (and at least I'm not this you know a few).

I do not hate social media. I love it. Really. But I do think we over use it and just like with anything in excess--it's bad for you.

A return to the tangible. A phrase my boyfriend coined when handed a paper appointment reminder. Simplistic and brilliant. What is the tangible opposite of Facebook?  A phone call. A real hug. A real damn drink. A true poke.

Basically I'm going to get drunk and get some.

Then update my status to something like "is loving life!". You do know that's what all those happy people are talking about.  In jest of course (ok, sorta) but you see my point.

Try the tangible might "Like" it (and not on Fa…

Observations on Twitter

First, the name is no coincindence, and someone is having a hell of a time laughing at all of us. TWIT-er---yea, there are a bunch of twits on that site (read: studid people).

I, of course, use it, as the written word is my life's blood. But I am growing tired of it already. Nobody gives a shit what I do every 10 minutes of the day, and to those people who are updating that often--STOP IT, you're making me hate you.

I see the value of the collective--all that data, information, social chatter, etc., and have even heard they are considering getting into the search space. But let's evolve already because I am really tired of seeing that JimNobody is loving his hamburger and staceycute RT@JimNobody is loving his hamburger.

It is my duty now to tweet only things of significance---and I wish everyone else would be as socially responsible which has taken on a whole new meaning in today's world.

Last Night's Events and One Profound Milestone

First, I must tell you that Tyson makes the best frozen buffalo chicken fingers--they are better than some of the crap I've had at restaurants that tout "hand-breaded, all white meat chicken". I used to LIVE off chicken fingers, so thus I am an expert and my opinion means much. Also, Hulu is the bomb--every episode of Lost from Season 1 on, in HD, and FREE. Seeing as I was a little late on the uptake with this show, this is very good for me.

I wanted to tell everyone last night but this is obviously way beyond 140 characters. If only people at work were forced to communicate in 140 characters...

I also have not had a drink in three days, and intend to continue this trend at least until Friday. And may not even have anything then, seeing as I'm visiting my bestie who's preggers. This is monumentous, for two reasons:

1) I've (surprisingly) reached a stable point in my life where I feel clear and in control--meaning I don't need that glass of wine to calm the c…

Step One

Baby's all about baby steps. My so-called wellness plan equated to a turkey melt on a whole wheat english muffin followed by a fiber bar (gotta keep it moving) and a walk uphill to the mailbox with the dog.

However, when I got to the mailbox, I found I had received 1) my GA tax refund, 2) Buckhead Life Dine Around card (the BEST, but totally defeats the damn diet encouraging me to eat at yummy restaurants), 3) a lovely offer to help me with my new car purchase, 4) Self and Cooking Light magazines.

The inspiration in my mailbox will result in a longer walk with the god--I mean dog (you know that's totally intentional)--a continued healthy diet, and a few hundred crunches. Ok, maybe a hundred.

Baby steps...

Technical Difficulties

I simply feel like whining today. I woke up at 5:13am, and despite a ridiculously cute puppy snuggling me, I could not fall back to sleep. Likely the coming stress of the day in the job I was so not destined to do but am glad to have nonetheless. I just want to close my eyes, they hurt so bad.

Today is "technically" the first day of my self-imposed wellness program, but I am having "difficulty" motivating myself given the state of mind I am operating in. Said wellness program is supposed to include eating better, a little more exercise, and a lot less drinking like a sailor. All of this within reason, because I can assure you when I'm laying on my death bed at 112 I will not wish I had eaten more granola and spent more time on the elliptical machine.

It's the exercise part I'm struggling with, and the fact that after today I think I'm REALLY gonna need that glass of vino. Ok, I want Thai for dinner too.

In due time.