Observations on Twitter

First, the name is no coincindence, and someone is having a hell of a time laughing at all of us. TWIT-er---yea, there are a bunch of twits on that site (read: studid people).

I, of course, use it, as the written word is my life's blood. But I am growing tired of it already. Nobody gives a shit what I do every 10 minutes of the day, and to those people who are updating that often--STOP IT, you're making me hate you.

I see the value of the collective--all that data, information, social chatter, etc., and have even heard they are considering getting into the search space. But let's evolve already because I am really tired of seeing that JimNobody is loving his hamburger and staceycute RT@JimNobody is loving his hamburger.

It is my duty now to tweet only things of significance---and I wish everyone else would be as socially responsible which has taken on a whole new meaning in today's world.


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