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Dancing with Myself

When I was little, I would lock myself in my room with my purple boom box and dance in front of my mirror for hours. Complete with wardrobe change. I was awesome. When I was teeny tiny, I had a talent for entertaining our guests from the heights of our brick fireplace with renditions of Captain and Tennille's Do That to Me One More Time. It never occurred to me that turkey baster wasn't really a microphone.

These are some of my happiest childhood memories...dancing with myself. Even as a younger adult, I occasionally danced around my house and called it exercise. Somewhere along the way I became embarrassed, despite no one watching. Age, it's a buzz kill. 

Or maybe not. If NKOTB can make a comeback, anything's possible.

Last weekend, while painting, I caught myself dancing -- and I mean full on pirouettes -- from the foyer to the kitchen. The hardwood floors in my new home make sliding Risky Business-style quite simple for even the most rhythmically challenged.

It …


Me and Scott, we're movie people. We never really watched a lot of TV. A little Anthony Bourdain, The Bachelor (ok, all me), and Modern Family, but that was about it.

And then we moved and got AT&T U-verse. With DVR. And every channel under the sun.

We are the last people on the planet to have DVR, and it's a whole new world to which we just gained admittance. We get it now. We record everything -- from Tosh.0 to The Middle, to movies like Cruel Intentions, Chinatown and anything else that suits our fancy. Thank you AT&T. For making my job enjoyable (a good thing) but killing my social life (a bad thing).

Did you know you can REWIND LIVE TV? I mean, holy shit, how'd they do that!

Top that off with two new HDTVs -- for the people that have been watching TV on our average 32-inch Sony for years -- and a fully wired surround sound house and you can rest assured we're never leaving again.

Is TV going to ruin my life? Or will the novelty wear off? Should I just make…

Let's be Friends

So you see, we have been waiting on our washer and dryer for a month. I went all crazy and got the LG steam washer and dryer because damn it I can and nothing is more important to me than clean. Hot, steamy, clean. That, and I've been using a washer and dryer from 1969 for the past year. I'm not exaggerating. Really. Modern appliances are a novelty for me.

I spent more on these than we did our TVs. Both of them. Together.

These are apparently quite the popular model. They have been back-ordered twice, and naturally the day they were going to deliver it neither of us could be home.

Well, a girl needs clean underwear. Fortunately, my beloved is not above hitting up the local laundromat to clean our skivvies. Nor, is he above giving his phone number to the jesus-freak schizophrenics that hang out there for fun. As I learned a few minutes ago when his phone rang and it was "Ed".

I am again, not kidding. Seems he and Ed have similar views on the cyclical nature of our soc…

All Ends Well

Quibbles, schmibles and numbsticks. I have no idea what that means. 

WHIRRLLLWIND couple of weeks. More on that later, but let's talk about today. 
Today, one of my fantasies came true. No, I didn't get married or molested by Ryan Reynolds, but I did get rear-ended. In my car, that is. The fantasy becoming reality is what I said to the Dunwoody housewife driving the Lexus that hit me..."WHAT the FUCK were you doing". 
The answer is checking her look in the mirror. 
Me? I have a habit of incessantly checking my rear-view mirror versus my look. This is a result of my father's story of the time he happened to notice an 18-wheeler barreling down the road behind him while stopped at a red light. My father calmly pulled in front of the left turn lane (i.e. middle of the road) and 5 seconds later the truck came plowing through the red light. Seems his brakes failed. And with that fateful rear-view mirror check, I am not a fatherless child. 
So I do a lot of checking, and fre…

While We Can

Coming off a week's vacation over the holiday, it may seem irrational to take another two days off the first week back. But that's exactly what I did. Yep, Thursday and Friday are me days. Being the work-a-holic I am it's rather difficult to do, so I've spent the past week justifying it to myself. And now you. 
It's the Type A personality in me that provoked it. While we had last week to move into our home, I didn't really have the opportunity to get us "settled" that's what I'm doing tomorrow and Friday. I also figure for every weekend and 16 hour day I worked November 12th through December 23th (nope, not bitter at all) I might deserve 16 additional hours to myself. 
And why not? There's no reason to feel guilty. I've done what I need to for the week, I have more vacation than I ever use, and the recruitment advertising world will not come to a standstill without me. 
Well, maybe, but they'll get over it come Monday. And I will…