Let's be Friends

So you see, we have been waiting on our washer and dryer for a month. I went all crazy and got the LG steam washer and dryer because damn it I can and nothing is more important to me than clean. Hot, steamy, clean. That, and I've been using a washer and dryer from 1969 for the past year. I'm not exaggerating. Really. Modern appliances are a novelty for me.

I spent more on these than we did our TVs. Both of them. Together.

These are apparently quite the popular model. They have been back-ordered twice, and naturally the day they were going to deliver it neither of us could be home.

Well, a girl needs clean underwear. Fortunately, my beloved is not above hitting up the local laundromat to clean our skivvies. Nor, is he above giving his phone number to the jesus-freak schizophrenics that hang out there for fun. As I learned a few minutes ago when his phone rang and it was "Ed".

I am again, not kidding. Seems he and Ed have similar views on the cyclical nature of our society. However, Ed, is delusional.

While I sit here writing, Scott is getting a lesson on the religious happenings of 607 AD.

It's a good thing our delivery is scheduled for Tuesday.


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