Where have all the good people gone?

I am not the kind of person who will take your word at face value. There are a few that are the exception to the rule, namely my close friends, family and a few professional contacts. In general, I "get" people and can understand intentions simply by the way someone walks into a room, responds to an email, or looks (or doesn't) at me. Overall, I'm skeptical of most motives.

Why? Because people are full of shit.

They tell you what you want to hear, speak in generalities, play the blame game, distort information, angle for position, tell half truths and so on...please, feel free to add to my list.

Why? Because most people don't like confrontation, and these full of shitters I speak of know the party they are manipulating likely won't challenge the statement or action. Some may call them smart...I, I call them disingenuous.

Have some integrity, people. I'm not always right. I'm not always wrong. You won't always like me. You won't always hate me. But I will always stand behind my words and actions and you will always get the truth. Not the contrived version, but the actual facts. Why? Because ethical treatment of people is important to me. We're so busy saving the animals we failed to notice the values we left in 1940.

When you look at the world around us today, it's hard to believe we ever lived in a time where you didn't have to question your neighbor, friend, co-worker, partner. Where deals were handshakes, and lies where white. Somewhere along the way our egos took over and it became about the "me" and not the "we".

And this Idealist is really bothered by it. Pissed off actually. Why? Can I ask "why" ONE more time in this post?!?!

Because I can control my actions, but not those of the people around me. Which means I am affected by these egotistical depraved assholes who drive this world's proverbial handbasket to hell a little faster every day, regardless of the values I choose to uphold in my own existence.

What can I do? I can uphold my own principles, and...

I will confront your lies.
I will put you in your place.
I will be your personal karma police.

And that's a promise I make to you, full of shitters of the world.

P.S. I'm not perfect, and did not mean to infer this in any way. I have had my share of not so strong moments. But in general, I be good people. Just ask my Mom.


  1. scott, she needs some Stromboli. please oblige.

  2. very interesting post! not sure many good "genuine" people exist. but! there are several that seem to package themselves very well. beware!!! b/c i too think they're FOS.

  3. I like it ~ and that be da truth!

  4. We have control of nothing except ourselves.


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