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Is anybody still out there?

Hello world. It's been awhile. Too long in fact.
After several failed adventures of trying to tell my pregnancy stories and attempting to jump on the mommy blog bandwagon, I decided to throw in the towel. Because the world does not need another Top 10 list to confirm they have a toddler (trust me, you know) nor another open letter to stay at home moms from working moms. And no one is ever going to be Glennon. For reals. Bottom line with kids? Sometimes it's awesome. And sometimes it sucks. There you go. Decidedly NOT a Fantabulous Mommy. 
But I missed it. Writing. So I'm back. As me - the one born without a Y. 
Albeit a slightly different me. Kids will do that to a woman. Jury is out on whether or not it's for the better. My husband would tell you not. He thinks I'm schizophrenic. I wish I was kidding. 
And I might be. For two years I've had a million different things fighting for space in my head. There's Mom Courtney, and Wife Courtney, and Work Courtney,…