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Thanks For Everything

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving... a day when most Americans will eat turkey, drink copious amounts of alcohol, watch football and parades, and hopefully at some point stop to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for in this world. It's what I'll be doing today.

The thing is, I do this every day in some small way. And we all should, as it leads to a richer existence. I've learned to be happy, not simply content, with what I do and don't have. It's a lesson learned and a perspective gained that I am so thankful for above all else.

Are there things I want? Sure. Are there people or relationships I would like to be different? Certainly. But there is something to be said for accepting the things I cannot change and taking control of the things I can. No, I didn't learn this in AA, but should I need it someday I will at least be ahead of the game.

I do believe the key to happiness is acceptance and appreciation. What am I talking about? Well in the spirit of…


I admit, patience is not one of my virtues. It's hereditary. Although in recent years I have dealt with situations in a way that has me beginning to think it may become my greatest.

This, from a person who plans the most efficient route out of the airport and approaches it as a time-saving game I must win -- 1 hour, 16 minutes from touch down to driveway last Thursday. New record.

This, from a person who is already living in the house I have not yet purchased and putting the baby down for night-night in her crib.

In my imagination of course, which is tired of waiting for my life to catch up.

Starting with my relationship. Seven years, and I'm still identifying myself as a "Ms." In hindsight, my patience was a blessing. Had we married two or three years into our relationship we would likely be divorced or unhappily joined in matrimony feeling trapped in a loveless existence. Because we didn't know ourselves. Nor how to communicate. Today, we rule the kingdom of co…

Brand Backfire

Once upon a time there was a rental car company that outdid the rest -- clean, nice cars, well dressed agents, and superior customer service. Somewhere along the way, they became sickly sweet, overly polite, entirely too detailed, badly disguised sales people in monkey suits.

And they annoy the shit out of me.

I'm talking about Enterprise. We'll pick you up...and tell you our life story, ask awkward personal questions, try to slyly upgrade you by showing you your "options" and failing to note what class they fall into while tricking you into buying additional coverage by asking if you want the "basic" coverage (which actually costs you more).

Just give me my car, please.

While I hate the name, I think I'll stick with Budget. Or not go at all. The more I travel, the more I love Atlanta.