I admit, patience is not one of my virtues. It's hereditary. Although in recent years I have dealt with situations in a way that has me beginning to think it may become my greatest.

This, from a person who plans the most efficient route out of the airport and approaches it as a time-saving game I must win -- 1 hour, 16 minutes from touch down to driveway last Thursday. New record.

This, from a person who is already living in the house I have not yet purchased and putting the baby down for night-night in her crib.

In my imagination of course, which is tired of waiting for my life to catch up.

Starting with my relationship. Seven years, and I'm still identifying myself as a "Ms." In hindsight, my patience was a blessing. Had we married two or three years into our relationship we would likely be divorced or unhappily joined in matrimony feeling trapped in a loveless existence. Because we didn't know ourselves. Nor how to communicate. Today, we rule the kingdom of couple-dom filled with respect, appreciation, compromise and understanding of one another. I'm the happiest I have ever been and feel well equipped to deal with life and all the good and bad it can throw at me. Which means I'm ready for marriage, with not a second thought about it, and it's not too far off.

Now my job. Every day my patience is tested, but who's isn't right? I'm talking about waiting for the right opportunity. There was one job left for me to do in my current company -- I'd been there done everything else and no other position really appealed to me nor challenged me. One job I could take that would allow me to do what I'm best at, live in Atlanta, and still maintain the business that has been my pride and passion for 11 years. Unfortunately, someone else had that job.

But I was told my time would come. So I sat back and enjoyed what I will forever refer to as the "down time" (relatively speaking) in my career. The time when I learned that it's about the significance of what you do, and not how important you are. When I learned that your team is everything and you are little without them. Today, that new job is now mine. Suppose I had some lessons to learn first.

Finally, we reach the home. The one I patiently searched for over four years. I found it and now I'm waiting. And waiting. Because naturally it's a short sale. My house, the one JP Morgan Chase should let me take off their hands so they can focus on their bigger problems. I've looked at others, and continue to keep my eye on the market, but nothing compares. So I wait. And wait. Oddly, I haven't been overly anxious or frustrated, Scott's got that under control. Maybe it's because I know it too will be mine in due time?

I choose to believe that good things come to those who wait. And I believe I have demonstrated that I can be patient. So bring on the trifecta, I am ready.

And waiting.


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