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Perspectives on Adulting

Adulting is hard. Adulting with children is like climbing up Mt. Everest with one arm, in a bikini, and smoking a pack of Camels every 500 ft.

I said this a year ago today. Thanks, Facebook. Appreciate the reminder of how exhausted I am. 
And adulting with children AND a full-time job with mega responsibility is...I don't even have the energy to come up with a witty analogy. 
Yea, this shit is way hard. And  I am definitely having a mid-life crisis and letting my idealistic self kick the shit out of me and my every-day life decisions. How can you live with yourself being away from your children on business trips? Why do you have such a potty mouth, and how can you question why your 4-year old talks like a trucker? Must you get so snippy with your husband when he is hands-down the greatest husband you've ever had the privilege of being married to (and the only, but you get my point). Why must you pick up the toys (unclog the toilet, answer that last email, cry in the bathroom) …