Thanks For Everything

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving... a day when most Americans will eat turkey, drink copious amounts of alcohol, watch football and parades, and hopefully at some point stop to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for in this world. It's what I'll be doing today.

The thing is, I do this every day in some small way. And we all should, as it leads to a richer existence. I've learned to be happy, not simply content, with what I do and don't have. It's a lesson learned and a perspective gained that I am so thankful for above all else.

Are there things I want? Sure. Are there people or relationships I would like to be different? Certainly. But there is something to be said for accepting the things I cannot change and taking control of the things I can. No, I didn't learn this in AA, but should I need it someday I will at least be ahead of the game.

I do believe the key to happiness is acceptance and appreciation. What am I talking about? Well in the spirit of the holidays, let's make a list. Beyond the obvious but most important things like family, friends and food on the table, there's a whole world out there:

my puppy cuddling me as I sleep
the first snow of the season (that I'm watching fall right now)
tv nights with good company
a pot of gumbo, chili or homemade soup
books, and those who write them
the ability to work
a cup of pumpkin spice coffee
the invention of the flat iron
Purple Rain
fresh, clean laundry
babies, and everything about them
waking up each morning healthy
Bucks County, PA, Lake Lanier, Bermuda, and countless other beautiful places
the ability to love

And while my short list is not all inclusive, it demonstrates what we should be thankful for.



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