While We Can

Coming off a week's vacation over the holiday, it may seem irrational to take another two days off the first week back. But that's exactly what I did. Yep, Thursday and Friday are me days. Being the work-a-holic I am it's rather difficult to do, so I've spent the past week justifying it to myself. And now you. 

It's the Type A personality in me that provoked it. While we had last week to move into our home, I didn't really have the opportunity to get us "settled"...so that's what I'm doing tomorrow and Friday. I also figure for every weekend and 16 hour day I worked November 12th through December 23th (nope, not bitter at all) I might deserve 16 additional hours to myself. 

And why not? There's no reason to feel guilty. I've done what I need to for the week, I have more vacation than I ever use, and the recruitment advertising world will not come to a standstill without me. 

Well, maybe, but they'll get over it come Monday. And I will be much more equipped to deal with it once our home is in order, and the bare walls no longer hanging over my head. 


  1. Take the time and ENJOY it. You will never get it back and you deserve it.


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