Me and Scott, we're movie people. We never really watched a lot of TV. A little Anthony Bourdain, The Bachelor (ok, all me), and Modern Family, but that was about it.

And then we moved and got AT&T U-verse. With DVR. And every channel under the sun.

We are the last people on the planet to have DVR, and it's a whole new world to which we just gained admittance. We get it now. We record everything -- from Tosh.0 to The Middle, to movies like Cruel Intentions, Chinatown and anything else that suits our fancy. Thank you AT&T. For making my job enjoyable (a good thing) but killing my social life (a bad thing).

Did you know you can REWIND LIVE TV? I mean, holy shit, how'd they do that!

Top that off with two new HDTVs -- for the people that have been watching TV on our average 32-inch Sony for years -- and a fully wired surround sound house and you can rest assured we're never leaving again.

Is TV going to ruin my life? Or will the novelty wear off? Should I just make it stop now? Or is this my God-given American right? I'm so conflicted. Be entertained or search for richer experiences?

Iron Chef is on in ten-minutes...and my (as of recently) fat ass is quite comfortable on this couch.

Case closed. At least for the night.


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