All Ends Well

Quibbles, schmibles and numbsticks. I have no idea what that means. 

WHIRRLLLWIND couple of weeks. More on that later, but let's talk about today. 

Today, one of my fantasies came true. No, I didn't get married or molested by Ryan Reynolds, but I did get rear-ended. In my car, that is. The fantasy becoming reality is what I said to the Dunwoody housewife driving the Lexus that hit me..."WHAT the FUCK were you doing". 

The answer is checking her look in the mirror. 

Me? I have a habit of incessantly checking my rear-view mirror versus my look. This is a result of my father's story of the time he happened to notice an 18-wheeler barreling down the road behind him while stopped at a red light. My father calmly pulled in front of the left turn lane (i.e. middle of the road) and 5 seconds later the truck came plowing through the red light. Seems his brakes failed. And with that fateful rear-view mirror check, I am not a fatherless child. 

So I do a lot of checking, and frequently run the scenario of what I would say if in fact someone hit me. Rehearsal paid off. 

Today I checked that rear-view mirror, and saw this woman looking everywhere but at the road. I unfortunately did not have the luxury of a left-hand turn lane and watched as she hit Scott's car. Lucky for me, it features a trailer hitch that went right through her bumper, protecting mine from damage. I did however get a headache out of the deal. Bitch. 

This is not the way one wants to start the day. Fortunately, my bad luck was maxed out by 9am and the rest of the day turned out not so bad. Especially upon discovering the new Mexican restaurant within walking distance of the house. 

Tequila solves all of life's problems....with a grain a salt and a wedge of lime. 


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