Perspective 101

Friday, I almost died.

We were hit (hard) outside the toll booths of DFW airport (en route a family reunion I might add) by a woman not watching where she was going. We, being my boyfriend's immediate family, were in an 8 passenger van that an Acura TL managed to spin, thrice. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt, but there were moments of clarity during the actual collision when I thought otherwise. I got a bump on the head and the nose, unfortunately on the bump I already have on my nose that I despise, which is now bright red. I wanted to kiss and lick everyone family member as we got back in that van out of sheer relief for their living, breathing shocked faces. But they may have thought me overly strange and I'm not quite yet family.

Sunday, I fell in love with my boyfriend of 5 years.

I experienced an incredible and unprovoked deep love for my boyfriend while sitting in a recliner and watching True Blood (catch up on Season 1). He said nothing, did nothing. I just realized, at that moment with life changing clarity, that I love him. I cannot find the words to accurately describe this feeling that I call love (which is making me rethink my desired career path) but maybe it's my subconscious telling me this is something only I should understand. Call it reconciliation, call it a maturing of the relationship, but I assure you even our wedding day will not compare to the feeling I experienced right then sitting next to him.

Monday I lost my mind.

Everything came crashing down around me as I sat on the tarmac for 4 hours waiting for my plane to take off. You have nothing to do BUT think, so every possible scenario about every SINGLE thing in my life was on the table for internal debate. Fortunately I was sitting in first class, and it's a damn good thing they weren't serving.

Tuesday I gained perspective.

I pulled out my secret weapon (not a vibrator) and learned a lesson.  In recalling the events of the past few days of my life and then switching gears to thinking about where the hell I'm going, I came to understand exactly what I need to do. Live in the moment. Experience and appreciate what is happening right now regardless of what it is and don't worry about what comes next. The paradox in this belief is that right now determines what's next--you don't have to choose--and if you aren't paying attention you might miss something.

Magic! No wand required, just an open mind (and some intelligence).


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