A Return to the Tangible

I am going to try like hell not to update my Facebook status all week. I've already publicly let you know about my love-hate relationship with Twitter, so you are probably thinking I'm a social media heathen at this point. Oh wait, you're reading my BLOG! (and at least I'm not this ...bet you know a few).

I do not hate social media. I love it. Really. But I do think we over use it and just like with anything in excess--it's bad for you.

A return to the tangible. A phrase my boyfriend coined when handed a paper appointment reminder. Simplistic and brilliant. What is the tangible opposite of Facebook?  A phone call. A real hug. A real damn drink. A true poke.

Basically I'm going to get drunk and get some.

Then update my status to something like "is loving life!". You do know that's what all those happy people are talking about.  In jest of course (ok, sorta) but you see my point.

Try the tangible again...you might "Like" it (and not on Facebook)


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