Technical Difficulties

I simply feel like whining today. I woke up at 5:13am, and despite a ridiculously cute puppy snuggling me, I could not fall back to sleep. Likely the coming stress of the day in the job I was so not destined to do but am glad to have nonetheless. I just want to close my eyes, they hurt so bad.

Today is "technically" the first day of my self-imposed wellness program, but I am having "difficulty" motivating myself given the state of mind I am operating in. Said wellness program is supposed to include eating better, a little more exercise, and a lot less drinking like a sailor. All of this within reason, because I can assure you when I'm laying on my death bed at 112 I will not wish I had eaten more granola and spent more time on the elliptical machine.

It's the exercise part I'm struggling with, and the fact that after today I think I'm REALLY gonna need that glass of vino. Ok, I want Thai for dinner too.

In due time.


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