Last Night's Events and One Profound Milestone

First, I must tell you that Tyson makes the best frozen buffalo chicken fingers--they are better than some of the crap I've had at restaurants that tout "hand-breaded, all white meat chicken". I used to LIVE off chicken fingers, so thus I am an expert and my opinion means much. Also, Hulu is the bomb--every episode of Lost from Season 1 on, in HD, and FREE. Seeing as I was a little late on the uptake with this show, this is very good for me.

I wanted to tell everyone last night but this is obviously way beyond 140 characters. If only people at work were forced to communicate in 140 characters...

I also have not had a drink in three days, and intend to continue this trend at least until Friday. And may not even have anything then, seeing as I'm visiting my bestie who's preggers. This is monumentous, for two reasons:

1) I've (surprisingly) reached a stable point in my life where I feel clear and in control--meaning I don't need that glass of wine to calm the crazies. (note: this is the profound milestone, not the chicken fingers)

2) I just love wine, really (I mean, look at the picture on this blog....I'm almost secondary), and I have never been one to deny myself of things I love.

Even today, after completely accidentally and unintentionally coming across an ex-boyfriend from many years ago that I totally still hate while Facespying on another friend...I won't need that glass of wine.

Life is G-O-O-D.


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