Blogger M.I.A. (but what if I had an iPad?)

You would think I forgot how to type seeing how long it's been since I last posted.

But alas, I've just been busy racking up airline miles, first class upgrades, and free cocktails. And attending client meetings of course. This week the travel comes to an end for a little while, and thankfully I am ending on a high note.

Mixed in with the business travel has been plenty of personal travel as well...a family vacation to Florida, a beach side baptism, and in a few weeks, graduation and a 90th birthday party.

So that of course left my weekends tied up, and needless to say blogging became a bottom priority. Which brings me to the question of the iPad. If I had one of those little suckers, I could have been blogging on airplanes, in the car, in airports...really anywhere. And I might not have consumed four books in under two weeks as I would balance the book reading with the blogging (I hate that I read books so fast).

I'm still up in the air. I keep weighing the pros and cons and still can't seem to come to an answer. You'd think I was depleting my savings and promising a first born with the thought I've put into purchasing this gadget.

I like the ability to surf the web, email, type on a larger key pad and read books. And of course the 900 million apps I can download. But I love the camera/video feature of the iPhone, and would really like one machine that does it all. My MacBook achieves this, but it doesn't come with 3G and it's a little big to lug everywhere. My company funds my phone, so that's a non-issue, BUT, what if I got an iPhone for work use? How does that influence the purchase of an iPad?

Anyone have it, anyone love it, anyone hate it? Comments, suggestions, and so on are welcome.


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