In Good Hands

Scott and I are blessed to have several little people in our lives. Not midgets, babies. The children of our siblings and close friends all seemed to arrive at the same time, lighting up our lives and helping us to amass significant knowledge of how to (and how to not) parent. And of course the foresight to immediately stop having sex.

These little ones represent a special kind of karma, and it's so wonderful to see the people we love the most manifest in these tiny humans. Mostly girls, with just two little boys in the whole lot of them. Spending time with them and watching them grow is a privilege we don't take lightly. I love these little ones so much it's hard to imagine I have enough room in my heart for my least right now.

One of the responsibilities as Godparents and good friends is babysitting and care giving, at which we have excelled. My day care training and Scott's refusal to grow up pair nicely to make us the perfect people to watch over these babes. And we have proof.

This is little E, and while his parents were present, we did supervise his first experience of boating and boozing. It's ok, Daddy pulls him in a wagon and drinks hard liquor on's the new happy hour! 

This is BB, and she is Scott's Goddaughter who we babysat this past weekend. She was super sweet, and a very quiet little one. I have no idea why.


  1. As someone who was once in your position, and is now a parent, I will tell you that your "significant knowledge of how to (and how not to) parent" means exactly dick.


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