Funny thing about appreciation. It comes naturally to some people, others horribly oblivious to the gesture. Often times, people don't even know what they are taking for granted until POOF! -- it goes away.

Me, as evidence of my post last night, am one who tries very hard to be highly aware of the things and people around me I should appreciate. Sometmes it comes naturally and other times I have to work at it, but I understand that appreciation goes a long way for oneself and others.

I am someone who gives freely without expectation. I am the inspiration for the book "Women Who Give Too Much". I do it because I like it. I derive immense happiness from taking care of other people and things, often seeking purely my own satisfaction. However, this makes me an enabler to my own demise of being taken for granted.

Like most people, I have my limits. And though mine may be "outer" limits, so to speak, they are still there and recently I have become aware of them. Yes, indeed. So I started an experiment. I just stopped. Stopped doing, caring, providing. The things that come naturally I have put to a hault. Not across the board but in certain instances, particularily those where I think some learning may need to occur. In this case I am the subliminal teacher, not the student.

Thus far, it's had it's ups and downs. A few things I ended up having to do myself purely out of the fact they had to get done, but others have left people wondering "are you ok?". Yes, I'm perfectly fine, just tired of wiping your ass thank you very much. I've had some small wins and some frustrations, but the former outweighs the latter to the point where I think I'm going to keep this up for a little while.

And in the meantime, with all my now free time I will be taking care of yours truly. Cheers!


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