Today didn't start with grand expectations. Just your usual, mundane, a few conference calls to make my head spin and a doctor's appointment. Let's see. High blood pressure, TMJ and reflux...did I mention I went to an ENT? These ailments were in addition to the reason for my visit. Crooked septum and, apparently, really tiny nasal passages I have been ever so blessed with in this life. Fun.

And then I got home. My boyfriend, while he may not yet be able to find it in his heart to commit, has definitely learned how to make me truly, genuinely happy short of putting a ring on my finger. He'd been smoking salmon since about 3pm. Yum, delicious. While I was settling in, checking late day email and changing out of my frumpy corporate uniform, he had an idea. For the record, he's full of them, but this one was so romantic (and frankly out of character) without even really trying.

He suggested dinner on the dock. Since we've been living on the lake, we've tried to make the absolute best of it, and in six years I can't say we've ever dined on the dock. Two adirondack chairs--check. View of the lake--super check. Cool evening temperature, complete with sunset--check. Amazing dinner, courtesy of the man--check. Need I say more?

Alas, this was only the beginning. Dinner was wonderful, more than I could have imagined for a random Thursday night. But then, we decided to take the boat out. The boat in itself is yet another blessing...thanks to a father who had no further need for a barely used water toy. Family rocks.

We heard there was a new beachside bar/restaurant that had opened on the lake, so we loaded up the dog, a bottle of wine and our happy, full selves and set out to check it out. We really had no intention of actually going, but the next thing you know the boat was beached and we were playing in the sand, conversing with the rednecks and sipping our cocktails listening to a live band.

At this point, I'm a little buzzed and SUPER appreciative of the evening with which I had been bestowed--I don't think I could have planned it better. Our dog was making friends, we were enjoying the people watching, and then on cue--fireworks. Big, bad, Fourth of July envy fireworks.

Seriously? Did this night really happen? On a Thursday nonetheless?

We then set off for home, guided by the light of the full, beautiful moon. Not even kidding.

With some fear of sounding like an emotional, sappy woman that you (and I) would like to slap, I am so incredibly humbled by the things I have in life. For all that I don't, I have this: the ability to appreciate all the good that DOES come my way. I could not have asked for a better evening, and for once in my life it's wonderful to be able to simply enjoy it without thinking about everything else I have yet to deal with.

Work will continue to crush my spirit, I will continue to worry if this man will ever marry me, and I will stress about aging (although gracefully). But for right now, I have this night...and the happy accident that it was... and right now, it's all a girl needs to be happy.


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