Summer Reading

I've spent a lot of time reading lately, and thought I would share a few of the nuggets I have enjoyed just in time for the summer reading season. Whether you're an old fashion reader (e.g. real books) or a kindle-carrying modern reader, these books are available and good reads, depending on what you're looking for:

1) Apologize, Apologize: Enjoyable, highly entertaining read. It's the story of Collie and his priveledged yet insane upbringing (as in "truly gone fishing") that highlights the chaos money can bring, and themes of acceptance, love and forgiveness. It's one of those stories that makes you laugh out loud while evoking tears at the turn of the page. This is a neutral gender story, meaning mens and ladies will both enjoy.

2) Shanghai Girls: Story of two women and their journey from Shanghai to America. Fans of Lisa See (Peony in Love, Snowflower and the Secret Fan) will like this book, although I don't feel that it measured up to previous novels. Light, simple, not a true committment.

3) When Will There be Good News: Excellent, well woven mystery. Kate Atkinson is the author, who also wrote Case Studies, another mystery I enjoyed.

4) Little Bee: Disturbing yet moving story of a refugee and a British Couple. Written from the perspective of two different characters, the story reads like a suspense novel with shocking and poignant turns throughout. I read this book in a day.

A short list to get you started, more to come as I keep in reading. Here's to summer!


  1. I also read Shanghai Girls; based on the above, I think I will check out a few other books by this author. It was an emjoyable, light, read.


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