Women are the Best Wingmen

Last night I went out with one of my guy friends for dinner and drinks. We (obviously) have a platonic relationship but you would likely assume we were dating if you didn't know us.  Which is why I find it interesting that all night long the ladies were digging him.

What's up with that? Why do women consistently lust after men with other women? Is it the challenge of the situation, the need to demonstrate "I am the better mate"? Or do they think the guy must have something going for himself if he's hanging with a hottie? Add a wedding ring and it's good as done--I bet married men could get more women than an 18 year old underwear model (someone tell my boyfriend, maybe that's the push he needs). Does the ring demonstrate stability?

I think I answered my own question.

Beyond the attraction factor of a man hanging out with a woman, if you happen to be in the situation he and I were it's extremely advantageous for the guy. Because, you see, we women know each other and all our lovable and detestable ways. I could tell him exactly what those little hussies were thinking and with which one he had the best chance. I could also "work" the situation to make myself invisible allowing for the opportunity and even talk to her if it needs a catalyst--which is why women are the best wingmen.

My friend did go home alone, but only because he's a really good guy (accepting applications now, rigorous screening will apply) and didn't want to leave me hanging.

Funny, I don't recall my girlfriends and I having the same respect for one another years ago :-)


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