Over it!

Really. I am SO sick of arrogance and inconsiderate people. I have no idea what makes them think they are so damn smart or above the rest of us. They are actually more transparent in their stupidity and insecurity than anything else. Just be real & honest for the love of God. Life is not about posturing and lying for sport.

I don't claim to be the smartest person in the world, but I can read people. I am very good at it--I should have been a psychologist, really. I can predict what my therapist will say 30 minutes before she does, or where she's going to steer the session (yes, even really in touch people sometimes need therapy). I seem to be able to help lots of people--work, marriage, etc---but not myself of course. I can also read liars like a large print book--you are better off telling me you are about to lie because I can be a real asshole once it happens. Thanks, Dad, for teaching me that valuable skill.

So I'm over it. Choosing battles has become too tiresome so I am choosing not to fight them at all. Smile, nod, and just know I am so much better than (insert one of many people's names here). You can't tell an arrogant or inconsiderate person they are wrong. I dare you. Try it..

So that's my week in a nutshell. Which is probably why my hairdresser went next door and bought me a bottle of wine while she made me beautiful. God bless Sarah at Salon One. Go see her. Now.


  1. Oh the names I have mentally plugged into this post! Thinking of you and letting you know that you are right, there is more/better out there.


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