Piece of Cake

Let's be real, I've been waiting a long time to marry my man. When I got engaged, I knew I wasn't going to wait much longer, and I had my sights set on October. Being seven months out, the collective response from most women in my life was shock, as in how is she planning to pull this off. Undeterred, it was going to happen.

Truth be told, it had more to do with the grand scheme of things. I don't age backwards. And I want a baby before I'm 36. Selfishly sometime in October 2012 so I can be on maternity leave Q4 and home safe when the world ends.

But when deciding to marry in one of the most popular wedding destinations in the South with only seven months to go, getting what you want is a long shot.

Then again, that's a rare scenario. I (eventually) always get what I want. No one ever plans to fail, they only fail to plan.

Admittedly, I was a little slow getting started. How hard could this be? One visit from the Wedding Nazi, as I fondly and with incredible appreciation refer to my sister these days, set me straight and armed me with a 51-point task list. She should be doing this for a living. Overwhelmed, yes. But we all know what happens when I have a list.

Step one: find a venue. Our first choice? Booked through March 2012. And then an unhappy bride-to-be decided he wasn't the one, and a cancellation for October 1, 2011 occurred the day we visited the property to consider a Friday or Sunday wedding. And voila, we have a wedding date.

Which set the tone for every other check box on my list. The gorgeous square adjacent to the hotel will host our ceremony. We got the florist, photographer, DJ, and officiant of choice. I hired the most fabulous week of wedding planner, and the best piece of mind I've ever purchased. Invitations were a snap to find online. The dress was selected over the course of a single Saturday, and even my bridesmaids are now clothed.

Thus, I am successful in planning the iconic Savannah wedding. As well as maintaining my sanity. No bridezilla here.

Piece of cake. Which is about the last thing I need at this point.


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