Shamefully Confessing

I am 100% into watching the Bachelorette. I spend Sunday nights watching True Blood, which is of course the smartest, sexiest, evilest, funniest show on television without a doubt. By Monday, I am so over stimulated and Scott can't take any more so I stupify myself for two hours with Ali (enter California pretty but really fucking boring blond girl) and her mens. It's the mens that provide the entertainment.

From the Weather Man, who sadly (I can't remember his name) they sent home after he got really funny in episodes two and three, to Justin the "entertainment wrestler" who makes me want to vomit everytime I see his face, to Roberto, the obviously hot and purposely placed latin lover that Ali just "digs". And then there's Kasey. Poor guy. For the rest of his life he will be known as the pathetic tattoo guy. Let's not forget Frank...he's is my favorite. Kinda reminds me of my creative director in a distant way, which is probably why I like him. The rest of them look or seem to be like people I knew in a previous life, so therefore I tune them out. It's awesome to watch a bunch of loser guys (less Frank) compete for a seven.

So this week, they sent some guy home that I didn't even realize was still on the show. WTF? Somehow, that freakshow entertainment wrestler and his fake broken leg managed to survive.

And while I could muse all night with my opinions--which by the way my boyfriend shares (as does Joey Z) in proof that we went out to dinner last night at the Regal Beagle and promtly asked them to tune into the Bachelorette--there is a MUCH more entertaining and opinionated source giving you blow by blow action.

Go here now:

I promise you will not be dissappointed. But please come back and visit me too, every now and then.


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