I've been in the Northeastern part of the country for two weeks, and in addition to the many comforts of home I have had the pleasure of enjoying once again, there is one that as a child I was not privy to but have come to love. Bring your own bottle (or beer)!

Most of the restaurants in the PA/NJ area are BYOB, and I assure you, I am bringing my own. Every time. Quite possibly the greatest concept. Yes, the food is a little pricier, but I am still spending less than I do in similar ATL restaurants where I pay $11 for a glass of (highly average) wine.

I've also gained about six pounds because pasta is on every menu (I'm sure there's even Mexican pasta). And because I just can't say no to a chicken philly or real pizza (and yes, you can bring booze to those little joints too). Another name for New Jersey is Fat.

I'm not sure if it's Bring Your Own Bottle or Bloat Your Own Belly. Either way, it rocks(at least until beach time).

Just a few more days of food & booze bliss and then it's back to absurd alcohol prices and fewer dinners out. But at least biscuits & gravy and grits will return to my diet. Thank God for that.


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