Snap Crackle Pop

I started seeing a chiropractor about three weeks ago. I've had incessent, ridiculous pain in my right shoulder blade (left if you're looking at me--more on that later) and neck for about three years now. You learn to live wth it, really, until one day you just can't stomach another muscle relaxer, can't afford another massage, and it's annoying.

Really. Fucking. Annoying. Like a little bug with a tiny hammer hanging out in your muscle tissue.

What has caused this irritating pain is a combination of things, but I'm willing to wager lugging a heavy computer bag around 900 airports a month and an accidental crash into a pole in the Coke parking lot  had more to do with it than other things like stress and scoliosis. Yes, I was that poor kid that bent over for the school nurse in elementary school and was told I had a problem. Fortunately, I never had to wear the brace. I paid my dues with headgear, I suppose.

Anyway, I had never been (say it isn't so!) to the chiro so I decided to give it a shot. I've had four appointments now, and I can't say I'm seeing the light. Not to mention sounding like a bowl of rice krispies every time I move. Maybe it's THOSE little guys banging around in my spine.

People swear by it, and I'm hoping I "get it" sometime soon.  It was hard enough trying to understand that left means right. I knew it was my right shoulder and neck that hurt. Guess it depends on your perspective. I've never been good with left and right, it's a good thing the thumb and forefinger of the left hand form an "L".  And that I'm not dyslexic.

What I really want to know is does this qualify as worker's comp, and can I sue Coke for misplacement of a pole?


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