Mac Attack

Not a Big Mac, a shiny silver one. I have the Pro, Scott has the iPhone....and now, I will have the iPad. As disgusting as the name is (c'mon Apple, I know we like to keep it simple but really) I totally want one. I'll just call it the iBook. Or the iNote. Or how about just mINE.

iBooks and Blog Writing. From the same device. Sold.

It is the answer to my quest for something "the size of a kindle that allows me to read books, write to my blog, check my email and easily carry". Yes, several Facebook status updates dedicated to this topic. I don't care that it's not a phone--I'd rather not have one quite frankly.

If I'm going to spend $300 for a Kindle, I'm sure as shit gonna spend another $300 to get the top of the line iPad. I have been dead set against an electronic book reading device, I found it insulting to the purity of the printed page. iPad changes this for me. I like the way the pages turn. Really, and just shut up ok.

So tonight I cleaned up iTunes, tidied up the hard drive, and ensured MobileMe was working as it's supposed to in prep for my April.

Seriously, the wait is about the only thing that sucks.

P.S. In the words of my client, suck it Verizon! You lose. Again.


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