It Never Ends

Coming off a particularly busy fourth quarter at work (and little to no time off over the holidays) I was looking forward to January slowing to a somewhat normal pace and getting my life back. Having the time to catch up with friends, get serious about buying a house, plan a vacation, eat dinner before know, the sweet stuff of life.

The first six days were awesome.

But of course, it's just not feasible for me to have any sort of down time to get my life in order.

The condo we're renting had to sell. Did I mention it's overpriced by almost $50K and someone still bought it? Never in 9 million years did we think it would sell. So now we're on a 30-day (make that 20) countdown to leave the premises.

Timelines are officially in place, although not on my schedule. We did intend to get serious about buying a home, but I don't want to be forced into one with 30 days to decide. Fortunately, we have a lake house. It has no ceilings right now, minor detail. Our plan is to temporarily reside there while we house hunt.

This meant spending all weekend (while sick I might add) building out a closet, installing knobs on cabinets, organizing all storage spaces, and making plans to get the ceilings in place. We're in pretty good shape, less the ceilings, but I have been promised progress this week.

Now it's on to packing. Ick. Deciding what comes to the lake and what goes in storage. Which is particularly stressful since I have no idea how long we'll be there and thus how long my stuff will be stashed in a black hole. Still sick too, because it could be no other way.

Did I mention we're moving on my birthday?

I can't say the lake house is such a bad option. It is beautiful and cozy and has all the creature comforts. But it's a weekend house. And I want to keep it that way. I don't want the "escape factor" to wane because we're there all the time.

It also might have been nice had this happened in the spring, once the boat was back in the water and it wasn't 16 degrees every night.

No bother. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. In true Courtney fashion, I booked a 10-day vacation the second week of February to Me-hi-co because I needed something else to do. The rationale if not obvious is to de-stress after the move and come home prepared for the momentous task of finding a place to live in Atlanta while residing in Cumming and maintaining a full-time + 1 job.

Suppose this is what keeps life interesting.


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