The Baby Factor

I'm at that time in life when most of my friends a) have children b) are working on having children, or c) swearing they will remain childless for eternity.

I can't say I'm working on having children other than enjoying the process that will ultimately create them but what I find FASCINATING is the completely realistic approach to child rearing my friends are sharing with me along the way.

Case in point--two of my dearly beloved had their last (as in most recent) child about two years ago. Neither of them EVER sugar coated the labor, or post-labor, or the fact that that sometimes they simply do not like their children. It's so refreshing. It doesn't make them bad makes them real people.

My sister, who unwittingly gave me content, recently went off the pill. She is currently nine days late, gained 5lbs (I hope that's what she told me) but tells me she's not pregnant. She also spent all of last week paranoid and freaked out that she actually may be pregnant and was less than pleased about it...but I thought the point WAS to get pregnant?

Apparently not. It's called family planning and I suppose most think it might take awhile. She has trips and weddings and things to do before said baby makes an entrance. I'm guessing there will be no sex for awhile too.

Point is...if it takes so much planning to have a baby, why the hell are there so many teenage mothers out there? Why are we women punished in that when we don't want babies they come, and when we do they don't? Just seems so unfair.

I am personally still entirely too selfish to even consider a child right now. I love them, I'm good with them, but I give them back.


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