Please Give a Shit (that you still have your j-o-b)

Contrary to (wildly) popular belief, I do not enjoy telling people what to do. You're an adult. You should know by now. And if you don't know, just ask.

So, when things aren't getting done as they frequently aren't in my world these days I have to ask "are you stupid" (gut reaction derived from years of my father asking me this exact question) or is it something else?

The people around me aren't stupid (for the most part, you know who you are). What's missing is INITIATIVE. There are many people in this world who are capable of many things but simply don't act on it, or, take the initiative. In my case, they need me to spell it out in nine languages before it sinks in that action is needed.

I give you a chance, you let me down, I do it myself, you don't get another one. Then you complain that I don't let you do anything. This is the merry-go-round I ride daily. I'm nauseous and my pony wants off.

More often than not these people are also content with being average and delivering average---I simply cannot relate. I can't be average in the way I sleep let alone my livelihood. I suppose they may have less stress than Type A Indian Chiefs like me. I don't care.

Give a shit.


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