32 Flavors

Inspiration can strike at the most inconvenient times. I was well into this blog (post-31 Pursuits), but yesterday I heard a song from the past that struck me—32 Flavors, by Ani Difranco (also sung by Alana Davis).

“I am a poster girl with no poster, I am 32 Flavors and then some.”
Fitting, as I am 32 and THE poster girl for 30-something “what now”? Not to mention the irresistible lure of writing a list of 32 things---attributes shall we say—that describe me and provide the impetus to my daily fodder. Genius.

I hope you will follow me to my new project and forgive my change in direction (see #16).
32 Flavors (note: not all taste very good)—and thank you all for your input, as kindly as you were.

1) Curious
2) Driven
3) Sincere
4) Fun
5) Sensitive
6) Intelligent
7) Creative
8) Honest
9) Generous
10) Conflicted
11) Loyal
12) Resilient
13) Charismatic
14) Confident
15) Defensive
16) Inconsistent
17) Attractive
18) Opinionated
19) Romantic
20) Optimistic
21) Stubborn
22) Idealistic
23) Egocentric
24) Articulate
25) Adventurous
26) Insecure
27) Random
28) Intimidating
29) Introspective
30) Passionate
31) Critical
32) Misunderstood


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