Aren't We Just Dating the Same Person?

Over and over again? Admittedly this is a Carrie Bradshaw quote--and no, I am not an obsessed fan that likes to compare herself to a fictional character. Maybe a little.

Which brings me to my Big (really, too many similarities).

I think there is some truth to this quote. Although my take on it is the person you end up with exhibits all the traits of previous conquests, er, boyfriends good and bad (and in some cases husbands). Using my man as an example:

He has the emotional naivety of the boy I first kissed
He has the twinkle in his eye and sense of adventure like my best friend with benefits in high school
He has the bad boy mentality of the skater punks with whom I discovered I was female
He has the you know what and then some of a certain Canadian from my past
He has the resistance to marrying me in any reasonable amount of time like my ex
He has the "let me slap you because your an idiot" like a never should have happened fling I once knew
He has the best friend qualities like my guy friend post college

And, beyond my conquests/boyfriends/guy friends, he has eerie similarities to my father.

All rolled into one.

So now that I've found the perfect combination of everything I've ever needed in a man, I'm just waiting to find him standing in my closet with a pair a blue Manolo's.


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